What treats to expect…


The motivation and drive behind Goody Gujarati was to bring the unique cuisine of Gujarat to the streets and get everyone trying it. So many people haven’t and it’s too good to miss. Even within the sub-continent of India, Gujarati food is renowned and recognised for its distinct characteristics. Some of the key points of difference are the spices used, the sweet touch to savoury dishes, the unleavened breads and quite simply the vast array of dishes available. You could say that the Gujarati culture is inherently also a foodie culture.


As with everything that we do our customers remain at the forefront of our choices. As a mobile food caterer, naturally our customer base changes from one event to the next. As does the weather, the time of day and produce that is available to us seasonally, so it only makes sense that our menu reflects this. We take great care when constructing our menu to create a bespoke offering for each individual event.  Besides there are too many hidden treats we are eager to introduce to you all, so we have to keep revising the menu if we’re ever going to showcase them all; both traditional items and GG’s own creations too.


What you see here is merely a snippet of what we offer. True to any home kitchen we can conjure up goodies to satisfy your tummies throughout the day. Whether that be Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch, Hot and Cold Drinks, Snacks and Sweet Treats and of course Dinner.  At some point they’ve all featured on our menu.


Primarily, Gujarati food is vegetarian and we have honoured this tradition as it aligns with our own ethics and values, and more often than not our dishes are vegan too. However, our food is not solely for the herbivores out there; indeed, the majority of our customers aren’t herbivores, yet just as enthusiastically devour our plant and grain offerings. We strive to be as inclusive as possible by accommodating other food intolerances as well and endeavour to always have a gluten free option. If nothing on our menu is suitable, if possible we will concoct something on the spot.

Finger Food & Light Bites

Spicy Peanuts (VE) (GF)

Pink-skinned peanuts fried and tossed through a sweet and sour spice mix and fresh coriander


Crunchy Taro Leaves (VE) (GF)

Crispy stuffed taro with fresh coriander, sesame & mustard seeds, s/w homemade chilli sauce


Sabudana Fritters (VE) (GF)

Crunchy, chewy, spicy sago fritters s/w homemade chilli sauce


Dhal Vada (VE) (GF)

Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside; these mini lentil bites are dangerously moreish


Dhokra (*VE) (GF)

Soft & spongy steamed lentil cakes

Straight up (*VE) – s/w a selection of homemade sauces

Chat Pot – s/w homemade coconut & green chilli yogurt, tamarind sauce, toasted sesame seeds, roasted peanuts & pumpkin seeds.



Indian noodles tossed through a spicy mix of spring onions, sweetcorn, roasted peanuts & sesame seeds, s/w pan-fried wheels of taro


Chana Pockets (VE)

Black chickpea and potato curry layered with crunchy noodles, spring onions, green-chilli and coconut chutney in wholemeal pita pockets


Rolled Rotli (*VE)

A dish for those of you who want to sample as much authentic home cooking in one hit. Homemade chapati’s filled with two different curries, s/w green mango pickle, homemade chutney and crispy popadoms


Dal Bhat (*VE) (GF)

A warming sweet, sour, spicy soup served over Himalayan rice, homemade ghee and crunchy rice crackers


POW Bhaji (*VE) (GF)

A rich and tangy medley of vegetables, cooked through with ghee & spices into a stew-like curry.  Scooped up with buttery baps. GG deliver seasonal variations of this classic dish and team it with handmade bread from local bakers Hambleton.

Sweet Treats

Chocolate Burfi

Creamy and indulgent! Vanilla, cardamom, dark chocolate milk balls



Deliciously thick creamy yogurt, mixed through with a selection of delicate spices, nuts and seeds. Simply exquisite!



Warm buttery semolina pudding with saffron, nuts and cardamom


Chai Masala (GF)

Traditional spiced milk tea. Found in every Indian kitchen, always a different flavour


Turmeric Lemonade (VE) (GF)

An immune boosting refresher


Chaas (GF)

The ultimate beverage to cool you from the inside on a hot summers day. A traditional mix of curd, water, salt and light spices. A must try.

VE = Vegan  *VE = Vegan option available  GF = Gluten Free

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways that allow us to trade with minimal impact. Serving only vegetarian & vegan food gives us an immediate head start with a lower carbon footprint but as a food trader, and a mobile one at that, there’s still plenty we can do and strive to. With traditional Gujarati dishes at the core of what we do, many of our ingredients have to be imported however if a local alternative is available this will always be our preferred choice. 100% compostable packaging with completly no single use plastic! All of supply chains and our third party clients all have dedicated compostable waste streams. 


We cook for others because it makes us happy to see smiles on faces of those with warm full bellies and this conviction extends right across the community. We believe in social inclusion and food being paramount in achieving this. We believe everyone has the right to a tasty nourishing meal cooked with love. Coupled with our objective to obtain zero waste on all cooked and edible food, we are working with local homeless shelters to distribute surplus food to their tenants. Hot meals are also always available during service, on us, to those who need it. We try to always offer a menu that is balanced in price and very high in quality!